Twitter employees create parody recruiting video for Hack Week

Did you know that Twitter participates annually in an event called Hack Week?

Neither did I.

The event took place all last week, and some Twitter employees were challenged to make the best or worst recruiting video they could possibly come up with.

The result?

This hilarious video that has now gone viral.

While the video may be a parody, some of the job opportunities they talk about in the video are real.

So, what exactly is Hack Week all about?

It all started in 2010. Twitter wants to innovate, so they form groups of employees and have them work together to make Twitter better.

The Twitter Blog about Hack Week 2012 said that employees from the entire company formed about 100 groups this year to work on new projects for the company.

Some groups were making tools to make Twitter easier to use, and others were creating fun new tools for the website.

From the Twitter Blog about Hack Week:

“We don’t know what exactly will result, but we can’t wait to find out. One thing we do know: we’ll have a bunch of awesome new products, features, and ideas.”

This is a great idea. More companies should do fun things with their employees like this. There really are no losers when the creative juices keep flowing.

What are your thoughts about Hack Week? Should more companies do fun activities like this to spark more innovation?


Weekend update: Anonymous fights against European anti-piracy bill

Polish Parliament members protest the ACTA bill by holding Guy Fawkes masks to their faces. Fawkes masks are the symbol used by online activist group Anonymous. Credit:

The online hacktivist group Anonymous is currently fighting against another proposed anti-piracy bill. The only difference this time? It’s based in Europe.

Facts about this bill:

Those opposed to ACTA say that this one is worse than the SOPA and PIPA bills proposed in the U.S. because it allows for closed door negotiations and it cannot be repealed.

Anonymous is opposed to this bill because they say it will hinder freedom of expression and might lead to surveillance by Internet Service Providers.

Anonymous is fighting against this bill by attacking European Parliament websites. Anonymous targeted a pro-ACTA website,, which was inaccessible on Friday.

In Poland, Polish Parliament members showed their opposition to the ACTA bill by holding paper Guy Fawkes masks to their faces as citizens were protesting against the bill in the streets. Fawkes masks are used by members of Anonymous.

This bill should be particularly interesting to follow because it is not based in the U.S.

While it may have good intentions, it will likely follow the same path as SOPA and PIPA, with heavy criticism leading to many supporters changing their minds.

What are your thoughts about anti-piracy bills? Is there a need for governments to police the internet?

More iPads sold than HP computers in Q4 of 2011

Apple's First Generation iPad

iPads continue to rise in popularity. They beat out HP computer sales, according to new sales data released by Apple yesterday.

An article on PC said:

Those numbers make Apple ‘the largest technology company in the world,’ Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White said in a Wednesday note to investors.

What does this mean for the future of computing?

Content will continue to go mobile.

More content will be available on the go via on demand services.

Companies like LG, Samsung, Apple, Toshiba and Asus will continue to manufacture new versions of tablet computers and other mobile devices.

But there is also a lingering question: Are iPads and other tablet computers in the same category as personal computers (PCs)?

What are your thoughts about tablet computers like the iPad? Are they in the same category as PCs? Or are they supplemental devices to PCs?

A new iPhone? Wait, wasn’t there a new one just a few months ago?!

Why are companies coming out with SO MANY new gadgets? Are you in the same boat as this guy? Gadget overload.

Will Facebook’s ongoing privacy concerns have a major effect on us?

SOPA? PIPA? being shut down? What the heck are those all about, and what does it mean for the internet?

Can Apple change our educational system with their new textbooks feature in iBooks for the iPad?

Those are some examples of things I hope to explore with this blog.

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