Facebook Timeline. Love it? Or not so much?

There seems to be a lack of love for the new Facebook Timeline.

Technology enthusiast website CNET.com posted new poll figures from opinion site SodaHead.com, which are shown in the info-graphic below, and an overwhelming 70% of those who voiced their opinions said they disliked Timeline.

Facebook first rolled out Timeline back in December, as an optional way to customize your profile.

Whether Facebook users love it, hate it, or aren’t sure about it, Facebook Timeline is on the way.

On the Facebook Blog, it was announced that all 800 Million Facebook users will be opted in to the Timeline format over the next few weeks.

There are some helpful tutorials that will tell all you Facebook users everything you might be wondering about Timeline.

Change is never easy, and it seems that Facebook keeps learning that the hard way.

Coming from a Facebook user, they should have allowed more time for people to try out the new layout before they opt all users into it.

That would have made the transition much less painful.

What are your thoughts about Timeline? Do you think Facebook is rushing the decision to switch all of their user profiles to this new format?

This poll, from opinion website SodaHead.com, shows that Facebook Timeline is not being shown much love. Image source: SodaHead.com 

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