Best Buy survey offers information about a possible Apple HDTV

Apple might be working on an HDTV as their next big product.

That is, if the photo below is any proof.

The photo is apparently from a customer survey sent out by Best Buy that mentions the possible Apple HDTV.

The survey asks customers what they think about the details provided.

Some of the information about the possible Apple HDTV according to the customer survey:

  • Priced around $1,499
  • 42″ 1080p HDTV with an LED flat panel display
  • Incorporates iOS from iPads, iPhones, iPod touch which allows users to purchase and stream content
  • Supports iCloud to show movies, TV shows, and music on the TV
  • Ability to use your iPad or iPhone to control the TV

Could an Apple HDTV be on the way this year? (Credit:

Some facts you might not know about Apple from BusinessInsider and Mashable:

  • Apple grew its sales by $22 billion in 2009. That growth alone is bigger than most companies you’ve ever heard of. It’s also more revenue than the ENTIRE COMPANY generated four years ago.
  • The first Apple Logo had Isaac Newton on it.

The First Apple Logo. Credit: Mashable

If Apple decides to take on the HDTV world, they need to change the way that we interact with our TVs. The first attempt at a Google TV didn’t go very well.

Can Apple appeal to the masses with an HDTV as it has done with its iPad and iPhones?

What are your thoughts about a possible Apple HDTV? Would you consider buying it? Please let me know in the poll or comments below!


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