PAL 3.0 boosts Wi-Fi performance on Purdue’s campus. Finally!

Student made meme expressing frustration with PAL 2.0. Credit: Purdue University Memes' Facebook fan page. Note: Edited for explicit language.

Have you ever had trouble connecting to Purdue Air Link (PAL) 2.0 on Purdue’s campus?

Let’s be honest.

I’m sure at one point or another, most of Purdue’s students have wanted to pull their hair out because of the dropped signals, slow performance and general inconsistency of PAL 2.0.

Those “dead” spots on campus, where you are in the middle of a building, but you can’t get a PAL Wi-Fi signal sure can be annoying.

But don’t worry yourself too much, because ITaP has been rolling out its newest generation of Wi-Fi across campus in the form of PAL 3.0!

Some students, (including myself) have been seeing a big improvement in wireless speeds on PAL 3.0:

But, it seems others don’t know about the new wireless technology at their disposal:

So what’s the difference between PAL 2.0 and PAL 3.0?

PAL 3.0 uses newer technology based on the 802.11 n wireless standard.


What that means (translated from nerd language) is PAL 3.0 will be:

  • faster
  • more reliable
  • more secure
  • available at longer ranges than PAL 2.0
  • easier to connect to from mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers

A news release from ITaP’s website reported that around 50 percent of Purdue’s on campus buildings have been converted to the new wireless technology.

The rest of campus buildings are expected to be converted by the end of 2012.

A list of buildings that already offer PAL 3.0 can be found in this Purdue Gold Answers article.

[Update: If you get the log-in credentials page on either of these links, you should be able to bypass it by clicking log in as guest!]

There is another article on Gold Answers that should answer many questions that many of you might have about PAL 3.0.

In an interesting move, the ITaP article also said that PAL 2.0 will continue to operate alongside PAL 3.0 during and after the upgrade.

What are your thoughts about the new wireless coverage?

Have you used PAL 3.0 and seen a significant difference?

Do you think the University is moving fast enough to roll out the new technology?


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