Purdue Students: Blackboard will be fully upgraded by 2013

Attention Purdue students!

Blackboard Vista, the system that you currently log-in to for your lecture slides, readings, grades, and everything else, will slowly be replaced by a new system, called Blackboard Learn.

Faculty and staff are beginning training to learn how to use the new Blackboard Learn system, according to a news release on ITaP’s website.

So what’s the difference between Blackboard Vista and Blackboard Learn?

Some of the most notable changes are:

  • a new user interface (the physical look of Blackboard – it still looks pretty clunky though, if you ask me)
  • messages sent from within the new Blackboard system will now go directly to a student’s e-mail (FINALLY!)
  • new feature called content collection, which is a virtual hard drive to store content on
  • blogs, wikis and journals can be added directly to site
  • new tools to create more types of questions for tests/quizzes

There are currently 48 courses that are trying out the new system.

A schedule of the transition, found on ITaP’s website, shows that Blackboard Learn will completely replace the current system by the end of 2013.

Blackboard Vista/WebCT has been used for courses at Purdue since 2004.

I can’t tell if the update to the user interface is much of an improvement, but the video below should give you an idea of what the new Blackboard looks like.


What are your thoughts about the look of the new Blackboard?

Are there any changes that you would like them make?

Let me know what you think in the comments or poll!


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