iPhone 4 owners: Apple will offer compensation for ‘Antennagate’ flop

Apple's news conference about the iPhone 4 issues in 2010. They called it 'Antennagate'. Photo credit: Gadget Cage

Remember all of the fuss when the iPhone 4 first came out?

If not, let me jog your memory a bit.

The first reviews of the phone were great, but then complaints started coming in about covering the antenna on the bottom left corner of the phone – that killed the cell signal.

The worst part about the fiasco was Apple failed to acknowledge the complaints at first, even to the point of telling some iPhone owners the antenna problem was a “non-issue”.

It was absolutely ridiculous, and a terrible PR move by Apple. They essentially told people who had just bought their new phone they were “holding it wrong”.

In response to the poor handling of the situation by Apple, some disgruntled iPhone 4 users sued in a class-action lawsuit, and last week a settlement was reached.

The result?

Anyone who bought an iPhone 4 previously, is entitled to either $15 compensation, or a free bumper case.

In addition to the compensation news, another good thing that came out of all the iPhone 4 craziness was the hilarious videos that mocked Apple for their mistakes.

Here’s a great example from David Letterman:

It was handled very poorly by Apple, but at least iPhone 4 users can finally get some compensation for any problems they experienced.

It’s good to see them offering something to those people, although, it took far too long.

I don’t have an iPhone 4, I have the 4S, but I would suggest that anyone who has an iPhone 4, and is interested, should check it out.

More information will be available in a few weeks about the settlement on the iPhone 4 settlement website.

Update (Mar. 27): The settlement website is still inactive at this time, but it should be up within the next few weeks. Here’s an article from Consumer Reports with more information.

What are your thoughts about the compensation?

Did Apple do enough?


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