Indiana group HipHop4theCity creates video to promote talent in Fort Wayne, Ind.

A group of local artists from Fort Wayne, Ind., collaborated to showcase hip-hop talent in the Midwest. Their video "My City" has become a hit at Fort Wayne radio stations, and on YouTube. Photo credit: HipHop4theCity website

A group of young hip-hop artists from my hometown, Fort Wayne, Ind., recently collaborated to prove that there’s more than just corn in Indiana.

The local artists joined together with the help of non-profit A Better Fort, to create a group called HipHop4theCity, which showcases the talent of young hip-hop artists from the Midwest.

The song they created is called “My City”, and it has become a hit on YouTube, getting almost 70,000 views since its release on Feb. 25.

A biography about the group, and more about the making of the video can be found in this PDF press release from HipHop4theCity’s website.

Here is the video:

The song has also become a local hit among the radio stations in Fort Wayne.

But the song isn’t just all about Fort Wayne.

It also hopes to break some common misconceptions about Indiana (Note: website contains some expletives).

My favorite lyric from “My City” is at about the 2:42 mark in the video:

“I was born in Indiana, so listen when I say there’s more than corn in Indiana.”

That’s a really common thing that people say about Indiana as a whole – there’s nothing here but corn and farmers.

But this video goes to show that’s not true.

I’m proud of everyone who collaborated to make it possible.

When I first saw the video in my Facebook news feed earlier in the week, I was a bit thrown off.

After I watched it, I knew I had to write about it.

When I grew up there, Fort Wayne typically was a very quiet city, which is strange, given that it’s the 2nd largest city in Indiana.

It appears that might be changing.

If you’re from Fort Wayne or anywhere in Indiana or even the Midwest in general, what are your thoughts?

Did you enjoy the video?


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