Apple sold 3 million new iPads last weekend

The screen has been much improved on the new iPad. In the image above, the icon is shown on the iPad 2 screen on the left and the new iPad screen on the right. Photo credit: The Verge

Yep, you read that correctly.

Apple sold three million of their latest 3rd generation iPad tablets since last Friday, according to tech website The Verge.

I couldn’t believe that either when I read it.

I had to read it a few times.

That’s a huge number of devices to sell, even for Apple.

When they launched the iPad 2 last year, they sold about one million of them during launch weekend.

The difference this time was probably in part due to Apple taking pre-orders for this new generation iPad, which they did not do for the iPad 2.

The biggest new feature on the 3rd generation iPad is the screen, which has four times the resolution, making images look much sharper, as can be seen in the image above.

I’m very interested to see how many iPads Apple will sell this year.

They sold 15.4 million of them in the last quarter of 2011, which topped HP’s PC sales during that same timeframe.

How many will they sell this year?

I see them selling a lot more iPad 2s because they slashed the price to $399 for a brand new one, or a refurbished one can be bought directly from Apple for about $349.

How many iPads do you think they will sell?


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