Discussing career fairs with a Purdue Aviation Technology student

The 2012 Aviation Technology Career Fair at Purdue took place last Thursday in Niswonger Hall. Photo credit: Purdue College of Technology website

As a follow-up to the preview blog that I wrote about the 2012 Aviation Technology (AT) career fair, which took place last Wednesday, I talked with Mark Udolph, who is a graduating senior in Aviation Technology, about the career fair.

Q: Were you happy with the turnout with regard to the companies that participated in the Aviation Tech career fair?

A: I was, but it turned out that Cummins Inc. never showed up. I wanted to talk to them, but I didn’t get a chance to do that, so that was a drag.

I talked to about 12 of the 20 companies that were there, so I was happy with the turnout overall.

Q: Is there anyone else that you would like to have seen at the Aviation Tech career fair?

A: There were a lot of airlines, like United and Delta were there, but I wanted to see the airlines push for revenue management jobs.

A lot of people in my major try to get into that entry-level position, so I wish I would have seen more representatives for that.

Q: What would you do differently if you were in charge of the Aviation Tech career fair?

A: Make sure every company shows up.

I would also have it in a bigger space. The hangar that they cleared out to have it in was a little cramped with all of the students and companies in it.

Q: Is it beneficial to attend a career fair that is not specifically tailored for your major?

A: Yes. I went to the Management career fair even though I am in the College of Technology, and I also went to the Engineering Round Table, and the general College of Technology career fair.

A lot of companies go to those career fairs and they will take your resume, so it is open. I would strongly encourage other people to do the same.


Hopefully this helps give a glimpse into what this career fair was like. Most career fairs follow this same format, although the Aviation Tech career fair is much smaller.

Career fairs are a great chance to get your name out there and get some information about companies you might want to work for, so be sure to take advantage of all they have to offer!


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