Apple’s iMessage is a hot mess, for now at least

iMessage is a feature of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS, but it's doing a lackluster job keeping messages synced across devices at the moment. Photo credit: Slash Gear

Apple’s iOS 5 feature called iMessage is a bit broken and buggy at the moment, as I’m sure many users have noticed.

I purchased an iPhone 4S earlier this year, and I remember how stoked I was for the new feature. iMessage offers free messages I could have synced across my Mac and my new iPhone – that’s just a sweet deal.

It still is an awesome deal, but since I got my phone, I have yet to be able to sync all of my iMessages from my phone to my Mac.

I also remember that a lot of iPhone users were really looking forward to the new feature because they would be able to cut down on their use of SMS messages (messages sent over a wireless carrier).

I found a guide on BuzzFeed earlier today that attempted to help me fix my iMessage problem, but I have yet to see any results from it.

Maybe it just needs time to re-sync everything?

The issue seems to be that when you have an iPhone, iOS defaults to your phone number as the caller ID to sync to, and an iPod or iPad cannot be mapped to sync those messages between all of the devices (at least from what I can tell).

I also found this thread on one of Apple’s discussion boards, which has gotten over 10,000 views, and it’s moderately helpful as well.

I just hope that Apple fixes the bugs with iMessage soon because it’s got the potential to be really awesome!


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