Google and Twitter executives visit Purdue to discuss social media and politics (video)

Executives from Google and Twitter held a very interesting discussion on the campus of Purdue University on March 22 about the relationships between politics and social media.

Jonathan Perelman, an Industry Relations executive from Google, and Adam Sharp, Political Lead executive from Twitter, were invited to speak on campus by Project Impact, a student organization which seeks to widen the scope of its students’ exposure to media, policy, civic engagement, and communication technology.

Prior to the start of the event, there was a pre-event where the public could meet with the executives. Here’s a video recap of the pre-event and some highlights from the discussion, which was given the name “Is Social Media Changing the 2012 Election?”.

At the pre-event, I interviewed the moderator for the event, Susan Swain, Co-President of C-SPAN, about the effects she thinks social media having on politics. Here is part of that interview.

During the event, the executives gave some really interesting answers to the questions that were proposed by moderator Swain. Here is a video that highlights some of those answers.

I also got to interview Twitter executive Adam Sharp after the event, who switched from working at C-SPAN to work at Twitter. I was curious about what got him interested in working for Twitter.

There was a pretty sizable audience at the event – I would say a few hundred people attended.

The audience was also allowed to ask questions during the event, either by Twitter, which were read from a computer to the executives by Project Impact students, or members of the audience would walk up to microphones which were set up at the front of the auditorium.

Overall it was a very enlightening event and I’m glad I was able to attend. Project Impact just hosted an event with executives from Bloomberg last night, which I heard was really awesome as well.

Be sure to check out Project Impact’s website for more upcoming events, and head over to the Purdue Newsroom for information about other events on campus!


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