Dick Clark, 1929-2012: 8 Memorable On-Air Moments

Sad day for broadcasting. Rest in peace Dick Clark. You will be missed.


Dick Clark, often called “the world’s oldest teenager,” passed away Wednesday at the age of 82. NewsFeed takes a look back at the on-air charm that made him a household name and beloved figure on America’s televisions.

Watch Clark introduce himself on a 1966 episode of American Bandstand. He began his hosting run on the show in 1957 and continued until 1989.

Clark was the subject of a 1959 episode of This Is Your Life. Guests included his parents, his friends and former employers.

(PHOTOS:Remembering Dick Clark)

He was known for keeping cool on air, but still had his bloopers. Check out this crackup on The $25,000 Pyramid.

1973 marked Clark’s first New Year’s Eve broadcast. There wasn’t a countdown; instead, Clark called out, “it is 1973 as of…now!”

In 1982, Clark hosted a special remembering 30 years of Bandstand, reflecting his sense of…

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