Flash and Java will be opt-in features in future versions of Firefox

Adobe's Flash plug-in is one of the biggest reasons that your web browser may crash or your computer may get infected with malware. Photo credit: Eandroid

Mozilla announced last week that it will be adding an opt-in feature to future versions of its Firefox browser that allows users to add only the plug-ins they want to use.

It’s been widely cited that plug-ins are currently the leading cause of slowdowns and security issues with browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Adobe’s Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Sun’s Java are the biggest culprits that can cause your browser to go haywire or get infected with malware.

Firefox’s opt-in feature essentially works just like the popular Flashblock add-on. It leaves blank spots on the web pages you’re viewing, and only displays the content when you click to allow it.

I think it’s great that Mozilla is finally adding this feature. They should have done it a long time ago, since competitors like Google Chrome have had the feature for over a year now.

What are your thoughts about this new opt-in feature?

Do you wish that there were more opt-in features like this in your browser of choice?

In case you’re curious, here’s how a YouTube video page looks when Flashblock is enabled – which is similar to how Mozilla’s opt-in feature will look: